IBM Edge2013 | June 10 - 14 | Las Vegas

IBM Edge 2013 is the Premier Storage & Optimized IT Solutions Conference that brings together innovative IBM technologies, world class training, compelling client success stories, best practices and leading industry experts.
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On behalf of the IBM external communications team, we’d like to thank you for attending the IBM EDGE 2013 Global Conference. Please find the essential information you will need prior to arriving at the conference as well as an agenda of the special events being held for press on this site.

Your hosts at the event will be the IBM external communications team. For help on site, please go to the IBM staff room located in Palm F.

We have also established a press work room for your convenience. This room is located in Palm G (right next door to the IBM staff room).

You can also contact the IBM team members for help by using the contact information included in the “Communications Team on Site” section of this page.


Airline Tickets and Hotel Confirmation:

You should have received your e-tickets and hotel information from the IBM contact who invited you to attend Edge. If you have not yet received your tickets, please let a member of the external relations team know immediately.

Arriving at McCarran International Airport:

The Las Vegas Airport is ranked among the 12 busiest airports in the world based on the amount of passenger activity, serving over 40 air carriers. With over 1,100 flights arriving and departing daily, for further information please visit the McCarran International Airport Web site.

Travel Tips for US Airports:

Preparing for the airport security checkpoint will help speed your processing time. Some tips before you travel:

  • Wear shoes with rubber soles. Otherwise, you will have to remove and place your shoes in the bin.
  • Avoid wearing lace-up boots, high-top or platform shoes. It might be best to pack these in carry-on or checked baggage.
  • Remove belts with metal buckles or studs and place in the bin, or pack in your carry-on or checked baggage.  
  • Empty pockets of coins, key chains, cell phones, PDAs and any other metal. Remove any heavy metal chains or jewelry.
  • Clothing with excessive metal studs and zippers should be packed, not worn.
  • Laptop computers must be removed from their cases and placed in bins so have them easily accessible.
  • Remove coats or heavy jackets. Carry-on baggage is limited to one suitcase and one small personal item (purse, briefcase or tote-bag).
  • Your boarding pass and a valid ID should be kept in your hand or in an easy to get to area.
  • Any items prohibited from being carried on the plane should be checked through baggage or, better yet, left at home.
  • Bags should be tagged for identification inside and out.
  • Even loose personal items like cell phones and laptops should be labeled and easy to identify at the other side of the checkpoint.



Airport Pick-up & Departure Information

MGM Grand Transportation

VIP Line: (702) 891-7607

Arrival - Airport pick-up:

A driver with iPad signage from Mandalay Bay or THEhotel will be waiting at the entrance to the baggage claim area by the escalators, or at the baggage carousel assigned to your flight. 

In Terminal 1:  If you do not see your driver in the baggage claim area, please proceed to the MGM Grand Information Counter which is located between Carousels 1 and 2 and is open from 10:00am-6:00pm seven days a week. If you need assistance outside of these hours, please call Transportation Dispatch at the number listed above.

In Terminal 3:  If you do not see your driver at the baggage carousel assigned to your flight, please call Transportation Dispatch at the number listed above. 

**A very important note for passengers arriving on United Airlines**

Regardless of whether or not you checked any bags, your driver will meet you in the baggage claim area in Terminal 3.  All United flights currently arrive at Terminal 1, so you will need to take the tram to Terminal 3.

Departure – Hotel pick-up:

Unless otherwise arranged, your car will pick you up on your departure day, two hours prior to your flight departure time.

  • Mandalay Bay Beach Level Departure Your car will be waiting outside at the Beach Level entrance of the Mandalay Bay tower, one level below the Front Desk – look for Valet & Baggage Claim signage and once outside, look for the sign that says “House Cars Only”
  • THEhotel Departure – Your car will be waiting outside the Main Entrance to THEhotel by the Front Valet window.
  • Shark Reef Entrance Departure – Your car will be waiting under the flag poles outside the main entrance from the parking lot. Follow the signage from the Casino towards Shark Reef Aquarium and continue along the hallway with the windows to your left until you reach the rotunda and you will see the flag poles right outside.

Drivers typically do not have signage at these locations. If you do not see your car, please call Transportation Dispatch at the number listed above. 


Please pick up your conference badge at the Edge 2013 registration desk.

Your personalized interview schedule and supporting materials will be available Monday morning prior to the press breakfast and morning briefing in room Palm H.

The media work room (Palm G) will be open from 8 am to 5 pm on Monday and Tuesday.